Veescope Converter exports movies to Youtube, iPad, iPod and iPhone. Videos imported into Veescope Converter can be trimmed using the frame accurate timeline to convert only the parts that you need.

Upload Videos to Youtube

Upload videos to Youtube with our easy to use export preset. Videos are resized to the correct dimensions and files longer than 15 minutes are broken up into equal sized parts.

Convert Video to iPad, iPhone, iPod and More

Veescope Converter exports your video to look its best on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or iPod.

Frame Accurate Clip Trimming

Veescope Converter has an expandable timeline that lets you select only the part of the video the you need.

Save, Restore, Copy, and Paste

Veescope Converter is a document based MacIntosh Application. This means that all of your videos and export settings can be saved to a file. Videos can be dragged and dropped between Veescope Converter documents with all of the settings preserved.