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Convert AVCHD, MTS, m2ts, and Unencrypted Blu-ray to Quicktime fast. Lossless conversion of AVCHD and Blu-ray to Quicktime with H.264 wrapping. Convert to ProRes or Apple Intermediate for iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Motion, or Premiere Pro. Convert only what you need using the expandable timeline and "in" and "out" points.

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Lossless Video Conversion

BlueX can convert your video to Quicktime with zero loss by re-wrapping the H.264 in a new Quicktime movie.

DVDxDV converts DVDs to iPad, iPod, iPhone and more

Convert to Professional Quality Codecs

BlueX converts your video to ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec and H.264.

Upload your DVDs to Youtube with DVDxDV

Edit with the Expandable Timeline

With the expandable timeline, you can extract any part of the video you want. Use the "in" and "out" points to convert any part of the video.


Easy to Use and a Dedicated Support Team to Answer Your Questions

While other programs can take a great deal of time to learn, BlueX is designed for people who expect things to be intuitive. Our support team is always ready to answer your questions at: support@dvdxdv.com


Please Read Our End User License Agreement and How to Un-install or Remove DVDxDV Software