AXA Media Group Uses Veescope Live in Production

In a blog entry on their website, the AXA Media Group offered some excellent advice on shooting Green Screen. The photo from the post shows Veescope Live being used during production. Here is the text from the post:

“Anyone who has dabbled in post-production effects knows that green screen work requires everyone in the workflow to be on the same page, from the camera operator to the visual effects artist.”
“The camera should shoot on a format that can pull a minimum of 4:2:2 color space to get a decent key. Anything lower will degrade the edges of the subject substantially. Other things to keep in mind is shutter speed and ISO.”

“AXA Media Group monitors the effect in real-time on-location tethered to either a tape-based or tapeless camera. A waveform and parade scopes are used to find inconsistancies in the lighting. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Keeping this adage in mind ensures that the client will avoid extra expenses in post or re-shoots by getting the best footage possible the first time around.”

-AXA Media Group LLC

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