Is the iPhone's Flash Ruining Your Photos?

Los Gatos, California - The iPhone’s Flash creates a green/yellow color cast making people in the photo look like zombies. Photo Sweets 2.4 has added a new “iPhone Flash Fix” filter that removes this color cast. Just load your picture into Photo Sweets and select the “iPhone Flash Fix” filter. The “iPhone Flash Fix” filter will instantly remove the green/yellow color cast from the picture.

Photo Sweets contains twelve full adjustable image filters in all. Use the “Noise Reduction” filter to fix up pictures taken in low light. The “Ecstasy Filter” creates wild looking pictures blended with gradient backgrounds. Look 20 years younger with the “Wrinkle Cream” filter. Create vintage looking photos with the “Extreme Film” filter. Use the “Sepia Tone” filter to create an old west style photo. Using the “Crazy Frames” filter, Photo Sweets can make your photos look old and scratch up. All pictures made with Photo Sweets can be saved at full resolution to your iPhone’s Photo Album. Photo Sweets lets you to upload your Pictures to Facebook, as well.

Photo Sweets is created by DVDxDV and is sold under the Phone Sweets name on the Apple iPhone App store. Photo Sweets is $.99 and can be downloaded from the iPhone App store.


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